Yasisurie KiribandaraYasisurie Kiribandara was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although she hailed from an academic background where her father was a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer( MSc.) and her mother was a teacher, Yasisurie loved art and music since her childhood. She was academically accomplished since her childhood with high marks in her higher studies and her alma mater was Visakha Vidyalaya which is the top girls school in Sri Lanka where she gained admission by scholorship program. She used to however draw people since she was a child and loved to watch her mom sew as a hobby. 

She then goes on to study Fashion Design at the top college in Sri Lanka today known as AOD Campus and then on worked for a short time in the garment export sector. She was first head hunted by Brandix but worked at MAS and Timex as well. Her final role was of  a Merchandising Manager for a US based company.

During her student years she also had many side businesses/jobs such as a Speech & Drama teacher ( she is qualified in ATCL, Trinity College London), was a DJ at YES FM, Web Designer and had her own tv show for kids on Channel EYE. She also sold stock lots and did freelance design stints.

2013 – Preliminary arrangements and atelier space allocation and starting business.

2014 – Yasisurie officially starts her business and  launches her first brand at Colombo Fashion Week and wins “Gen next” award

2014 – She also takes part in Aakasha fashion show

2014 – Yasisurie collaborates with Colombo Jewellery Stores for a unique collection at CFW Resort

2014- Finalist Judge for toiles and visiting lectuerer at University of Moratuwa.

2014- Interviewed by Lilou Mace for her show shown on Gaiam TV, USA and France on conscious creation.

2014- Featured on YNOTU India.

2014- Retails in some stores locally including Odel.

2015 – Launches her Spring Summer 16 collection “Inner Peace” at CFW

2015- Cover story on Lanka Woman

2015- Showcases at The Kingsbury 

2015 – Launches her Resort 2016 collection at CFW Resort

2015- Semi Final judge at Chokolaate MDFD competition

2015- finalist judge for final collection at a Fashion College

2015- Was commissioned to create a collection for CJS for CFW

2015- Cover story on Esteem Prime

2015- Speaker for Fashion Design program at OUSL

2016- Showcases her first bridal collection at The Designer Wedding Show at Kingsbury


2016- Retails at some stores locally and internationally. 

2016 – Represents Sri Lanka as the GES+ special delegate at The Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Silicon Valley USA. Hosted by then US President Obama.

2016- Featured on some international publications including on Virgin.com website.

2016- Designer for Derana Miss Sri Lanka Fashion Segment

2016- Delegate at Alumni ties exchange seminar representing Sri Lanka for Central and South Asia, held in Kathmandu Nepal. Was a speaker at the event.

2017- Finalist judge at Chokolaate MDFD Competition

2017- Launched 2nd bridal collection at “Hilton Wedding Show”

2017- Speaker at Sunday Times Business Club

2017- Named Power Woman of the month by WCICSL.

2018- Key note speaker at Startup Weekend Colombo

2018- Expands her space at the atelier

2018- Launched Yasisurie Couture & Bride

2018- Reviewed final collections at OUSL final year

2018- Launched CFTCSL Fashion College

2018- Mentor at Chokolaate MDFD

2018- Completed a course on Innovation Readiness by University of Austin, Texas

2019- Mentor at Chokolaate MDFD Competition

2019- Speaker at Startup youth Colombo 

2019- Launches her first inhouse store space

2019- Panelist at Teacher’s workshop conducted by Visakha Vidyalaya

2020- Launched YBSL

2020- Speaker at Career Guidance at Visakha Vidyalaya

2020- Costume Designer for award winning movie “Vikaari” at Screamfest in LA, USA

2020- Launched Couture & Bride RTW collection

2021- Speaker at Designer Diaries on Chkolaate Magazine and IIT

2021- Mentor at Founders Institute Sri Lanka

2021- Spill the tea with Chokolaate 

2021- Expands her store space inhouse and merchandise

2021- Facilitator and finalist judge at AIESEC at Kelaniya University competetion named “Fashionista”

2021- Launches Yasisurie Mens – a couture and rtw mens label

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