The luxury of time, first of all, since a hundred to a thousand of hours of devoted labour  goes into the making of a couture dress. A dress that, to show at its best, will have gone through three fittings at least – essential stages from calico toile to final fabric, incompressible times of to-and-fro to ensure a faultless bespoke garment hovering unique creativity and haute technique, unique dream and reality, glamour and well-being.

The luxury of the exclusive comes next, because all that hand-made embroidery, not to mention the fabrics, the patterns and the colours, are all specially thought through and designed: the special prerogative of pure inspiration, the inspiration of Yasisurie Kiribandara, resolutely, uniquely, singular. A vision of elegance rooted in the here and now, the forever, and the incomparable.

The multiplicity of luxury, finally, because this stunning oeuvre of a couturier spans day and night, town, red carpet and glittering reception, with evening dresses as well as skirt or pants suits, jumpsuits, jackets, shirts and capes. Not forgetting that memorable Day of Days, with henceforth an unparalleled collection of bridal wear.

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