Yasisurie Pvt.Limited was established in 2014 in Colombo and our atelier and store which houses and creates all our designs are centrally located. Today the house designs, manufactures, distributes and retails a wide range of high Fashion and Couture.

We have several distribution and marketing offices located overseas in the US, Australia and Dubai with plans of expanding into more retail and marketing POS in the coming years.




Yasisurie Kiribandara mixes spiritual values and ancient heritage with a modern twist to create timeless designs that is well identified as a signature. The brand has had an emphasis on “consciousness” from the beginning itself which is a core value.

The mission is to continue in craftsmanship, locally handmade, intricate designs that are the centre of all creations at the house.

Yasisurie stays loyal to her roots yet with a global perspective in an ever expanding horizon. 

Each garment is the result of a long and rigorous artisanal savoir-faire that creates the ultimate experience in elegance.



Ready to Wear



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For B2B inquiries please email : info@yasisuriekiribandara.com

To visit the atelier on appointment  please whatsapp : http://wa.me/94777464356

For general inquiries please call : 94112854386